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Get Complete Smog Repairs at KK Auto:

  • Oxygen/02 sensors

  • Engine light inspection

  • Catalytic converter replacement

  • Gas tank smoke test

  • Transmission related problems

  • Purge valve repair for gas tank that opens the sensor for evap

  • We work with all makes and models, as well as foreign and domestic cars.

Why is The Smog Test Important?

The California Smog Check Program aims at reducing air pollution from vehicles by ensuring that cars with excessive emissions are repaired in accordance with federal and state guidelines. As an owner of a car, this test needs to be done every 2 years. If your car doesn't meet this standard, then it will have to be retired. Get a 15% new customer DISCOUNT and bring in your car from Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, or anywhere in the Los Angeles area and we will help you pass!

Is Your Car Not Passing the Smog Test?

We will repair your car so it will pass

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