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Fix Your Faulty Clutch in a Jiffy

  • Stick shift transmission

  • Clutch replaced

  • Clutch inspection

  • Manual transmission

  • Clutch & flywheel

  • Transfer cases

  • U-joints & driveshaft

Why is the Clutch Important?

The clutch stops the transmission from turning so you can put the car in gear.  If the clutch disk wears out, you'll have problems putting your car in gear. This can cause your car to stall and can result in a major accident. Save money and yourself from a disaster by getting your car checked at KK Auto Truck & Trans. We are happy to extend our services to Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, and the entire Los Angeles area.

Does Your Clutch Need Replacement?

Clutch and axle services that make driving a pleasure

  • Drive axle

  • Rear Suspension

  • Front & rear wheel drive 



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