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Specialists in Old Cars

When you have a car that you value, or one that has been passed on for generations, you can't just trust any mechanic! You need a mechanic that understands the car and attention to detail that they require. We at KK Auto have plenty of experience dealing with these cars; we are capable of fixing anything like a Chevelle, a Firebird, or a Barracuda.  

We don't just replace parts; we can tear them down and put them back together with ease. We are ready to help in Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, or North Hollywood.

With 30 Years Experience We Can Handle Repairs For:

  • Corvette

  • Chevelle - Malibu

  • Camaro

  • Challenger

  • Dart

  • Barracuda

  • Ford Cobra

Restore Your Car to its Former Glory

Get experts who understand what it takes to fix your classic car

  • Chevy Nova

  • Oldsmobile 442

  • Firebirds

  • Jeep

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